In the world of self publishing word of mouth and personal promotion is sometimes all you have to work with, which is how the #BardBox was born.

Michael “Fynn” Lange was looking for a way to get his works read and seen, to get his name out there on a personal level. Inspired in part by bards of the past, he didn’t think people today would stick around to hear a story read or sung aloud, not knowing any royal courts to visit either, Fynn modernized the idea. He got a decent sized box, printed fifty colorful copies of one of his one page stories and head to Central Park! 17021453_10210161089356710_7911500713234856369_n

He found a rock on the southern edge of the park that put him just a step off of three major paths. With a little sign on the box that read “FREE SHORT STORY” he sat and waited.

In no time at all people were approaching to collect their copy.

The #BardBox has visited Washington Square Park multiple times.


It has appeared on the Highline.


It recently got a new story added to the collection while Fynn and his partner Rod waited for Shakespeare in the Park. Nothing like bringing the #bardbox to others who love one of the worlds most well known bards!


The #BardBox will travel more so keep an eye out if you are in the New York City area, Fynn will tweet @FynnFiction, and Instagram FynnFiction as well as on the facebook fan page…


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