Monthly Writing Prompts May 2018

Week 1 A: Search for the name Beatrice in literature and use the information you find as a story starter. B: Use the words waist, cruiser, and delight. Week 2: A: Have your character pick a lock but not like what they find locked within... B: Describe a painting. Week 3: A: The maze was … Continue reading Monthly Writing Prompts May 2018


128 Writing Prompts (pdf file)

128 prompts gathered and created from a years’ time, covering holiday themes, fill in the blanks, wonderful break the writer’s block prompts, and other styles. This collection has some wonderfully reusable story starters, or restarters, all in one easy spot with no need to go searching all over the great wide web. Great for everyone … Continue reading 128 Writing Prompts (pdf file)