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Michael “Fynn” Lange is proud to be a frequently featured author with PICNSTORY. He is glad to have another place to get stories out there, two of his submissions “Trail of Two Brothers”, and “Picture of a Man Who Couldn’t” were featured along with fifteen other stories in his self-published “Prompted and Circumstanced” which is available on Amazon.

“Fynn’s” other self-published works available on Amazon include:

* “The Knights’ Wishing Well“, an original LGBT family friendly fairy tale about two young knights on wonderful adventures. Explore with Padraig and Galloway as they meet stiletto wearing giants, foreign wizards, and many more modern twists on fairy tale style characters.

* “A Shard of the Looking Glass” which is his spin on “Alice in Wonderland.” Alex Hart follows an origami rabbit into a world filled with tattoo prophecies, murderous villains, and a lack of impossibility. Down through the cogs and chains of space into the Wonderland,… or is it the Wanderland?

“Fynn” also has a blog, Fynnfiction.wordpress.com, where you can find monthly writing prompts, and plenty of his free works. As well as “Assassin of Verona”, which is a follow up story to Romeo and Juliet, where we learn what has happened to Lady Capulet, Lord Montague and that tragedy is never as simple as the peace a glooming morning brings.

Michael “Fynn” Lange is always glad to add another tale, with “Trail of Two Brothers”, “Picture of a Man Who Couldn’t”, “Maisy”, and “Wise Yenzi” already a part of PICNSTORY he can’t wait to see which story will come out next. While he enjoys writing short works, he also is trying to build his worlds of creativity up by expanding on tales he has had on his mind for quite some time.

He enjoys going to Central Park in New York City sitting on a rock just a step off from a few of the paths and handing out free one page stories from time to time. He will hand them out only to those who are brave enough to step off the path for even a moment. As an author and a reader his goal is to step out of the normal, the comfortable, and the known into something new. He is always willing to do a reading for charity like he did with his fellow theatre majors from his alma mater SUNY Fredonia in February where they helped raise $2,100 for a scholarship fund.

You can easily like and follow “Fynn” on Facebook, his fan page is, or by going to his website. He sincerely hopes you do your best to keep reading, keep creating, and keep spreading the love of all arts.


May 2016 – April 2017

Luck and Patience

Wise Yenzi


Color Blind

The Trail Of Two Brothers

Picture Of A Man That Couldn’t


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