June 2017 Writing Prompts

More Prompts here.

Week 1:

A: Create thinking about Errol Flynn (if you do not know who that is… google)

B: The sign reads “Excuse us for _____________”

Week 2:

A: Write seven things, one using each color of the rainbow. (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.)

B: What are you proud of?

Week 3:

A: As your start use…“You fell in love”, use “with who you wanted to” as your midpoint, and use “but it was never me” as your end.

B: Tell about a character via how said character deals with a heat wave.

Week 4:

A: Make A.W.A.Y a code word/ organization name etc.

B: One of your characters receives an award they didn’t even know they were nominated for,… go.


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