Wise Yenzi (PicN’Story Winner)

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Wise Yenzi

Word had come through the mountains, along the long winding trails of our jungle and finally along the river, Yenzi was coming. Her keepers had led her all the way here from Nepal.
She was also called the “Remembered One” and she had traveled the world, she had been born far away, part of some circus that ran out of steam in Eastern Europe. Her life changed forever, then and there a young monk by the name Chogetsu, who vowed to take care of any abandoned souls, met her late in the night. Yenzi was scared, alone and hungry, but Chogetsu was patient. The two traveled as a team until Yenzi began to come into her full self that is when they came to stay in Nepal.

Years had come and gone, the wisdom and peace of looking into Yenzi’s deep eyes grew. Once a year they would lead her on a tour to meet with the people. She had never come to our little village. All the children, including myself, gathered, we were told she did not have many more years to journey, not in this cycle of life at least.

We were kept close to the center of the village every day for our lessons. Then one day we heard the noise we had been waiting for, a horn like sound that interrupted every single task within the village. It was more than just us kids who were excited, the adults were quite eager to see what this Yenzi looked like. We had never heard of a female monk before.

My two closest friends and I made it to the river where the fisherman had drawn in their nets. Through the brush came one monk, then another and a third. We had heard of Chogetsu, he did not look like any of the three monks before us. They waved, bowing at us from across the river. The horn noise sounded again, it was unlike any horn I had ever heard. They turned away as we cheered and waved them over. I am sure I am not the only one who expected Chogetsu and Yenzi to burst through in some silly manner. We had all been raised on knowing of their antics, “ones at peace with the universe through laughter”.

They parted the leaves of the jungle and through them came the front half of an elephant.

“Yenzi.” The monks said all at once facing us again. They bowed to us. The elephant followed them in their bow. We all crossed the river to get a closer view.

“What of Chogetsu?” One of our elders asked.

“Chogetsu has left us as we knew him, however …”

A baby elephant popped its head out of the bushes and around Yenzi’s leg.

“Chogi” they said and bowed, the young elephant, much like its mother, bowed to us.

“We believe he is living the life he would have wanted to be his next.” The monks said as one. The elephants were led into town and stayed with us till the next full moon, leaving us all enough to enjoy the wisdom and peace of not only Yenzi, but the young Chogi.




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