Monthly Writing Prompts for February

Good luck fellow creators…

Week 1:

A: Your character does not understand the verbal language of ANY other character for four pages,… go.

B: Use the quote or idea “I was looking at this girl because she had a piece of lettuce in her hair. She looked at me really mad and said “I have a boyfriend.” All I could do was think, “ok lettuce head.” ((Thank you Benton C. Olson @bentono10))

Week 2:

A: It all starts with a drink, what drink is up to you…

B: Have your character walk a around without shoes or socks on for “a mile”.

Week 3:

A: Make the word B.A.N.D.A.N.A a code word/ secret mission/ organization name.

B: Knocker is a new sport, how is it played? Is it a team sport or solo? What do the uniforms look like?

Week 4:

A: The sign on the door your character is about to enter says __________________…

B: Our desks awaited us, side by side, in the last place we would ever expect…


Check out past prompts here….


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