To my editor for “Prompted and Circumstanced”,

Dragon Queen Designs was created to give authors on a budget quality book covers, editing services, and marketing materials for very low prices. Don’t let the prices fool you into thinking I’m just a beginner starting out. I have been writing since the age of three, playing with computer graphics since age eleven, and editing books for published authors since age thirteen. I wanted to hone my skills and learn more about what authors need and want before attempting my own business, as there are so many out there overcharging for their services. And thus, DQD premade book covers are $5-$20, custom covers begin at $50, editing begins at $30, and marketing materials range from $5-$10. For proof of quality work, you can view the Fantasy Writers group anthologies I have been compiling and editing for the past two years here:”

J.E. Feldman
Visit’s J.E. Feldman Page and shop for all J.E. Feldman books and other J.E. Feldman related products (DVD, CDs, Apparel). Check out pictures, bibliography, biography and community discussions about J.E. Feldman


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