January 2017 Writing Prompts from FynnFiction

Week 1:

A: Pick an animal that is NOT part of the Chinese calendar and use it as a new birth sign.

B: A strange zoo is opening up down the street, what roams within its cages?

Week 2:

A: Pick up a book you have not made it all the way through turn to the fifty seventh page and use the fourth sentence as your starting point with the tenth sentence as your ending point.

B: Write a story using the “spoilers” you found of another story.

Week 3:

A: Use a bad joke in a serious situation.

B: They say rain is lucky on a wedding day, but what does (Fill in the blank) mean?

Week 4:

A: Use a spice to describe your character.

B: Let your character time travel (as a watcher type, think Christmas Carol) what do they learn?


If you liked these one and are looking for more click HERE to see previous monthly writing prompts.


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