December Writing Prompts 2016

If these don’t seem to work for you, you can find other prompts I have created/ developed/ worked with/ used and or found, …. here.

Week 1

A: Listen to the nutcracker suite and write a story or put your character through “testing” as you write, is the scene chaotic, innocent, dreamlike, over-sugar coated? Go crazy.

B: “You have freedom when you are easy in your harness” Robert Frost, use this to give us a Frost type scene.

Week 2

A: Your character either is caught regifting, or catches a close friend regifting.

B: Beaming, Gleaming, Scheming, and Leaving are nicknames for four characters.

Week 3

A: If your character where to visit a sideshow what would they be most attracted to?

B: A reason for fireworks in the dead of winter.

Week 4

A: Pick a color, now write a story not using that color what so ever.

B: What did the duck say to the lady at the edge of the pond?


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