Long Grass; An Homage to Tolkien

(As writers, thinkers, creators and lovers of the arts we are given certain challenges along the road. One that came up for me was to create as short a story as possible based off of an epic tale. We have all found the epics, whether we have read them, listened to them or watched them. My challenger said, find the epic you know with the most detail, with an artist so into detail, said artist went above and beyond what many others will ever in their lifetimes ever even dream of attempting. And thus I thought of one man,… Tolkien. Here you are folks,… a fifty-two-word short story based off of one of the greatest story universes of all time.)




The long green grass waved in the marsh. It bothered no one. Then a hungry, far from home Hobbit came a stomping through. This Hobbit and his companions cared not for the marsh grass. The grass did not complain. It soldiered on, the grass knew the heavy weight one ring could carry.



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