Dared to be Scared

A light flickered at the end of the long, narrow hallway. Bit and Slass had made it this far, they would not be turning back now. A dare was a dare. At One-Hundred and Twelve and One-Hundred and Thirteen, they were just hitting their rebellious years. The two had snuck out of their crypts full of anticipation.

Only a half an hour ago, the two had snuck out of their crypts full of anticipation. The young ghoul and banshee had made their way down to the train tracks where they knew a group of older teenage drakes hung out.

Halfway down the hallway, the two stopped.

“What did we have to get again?” Slass said struggling to whisper.

“A cuddle, whatever that is.” Bit answered. The two went back to gliding down the hallway doing their best to avoid contact with any human keepsakes.

Back at the railroad tracks, the drakes had almost completely forgotten about the two younger monsters they had sent on a mission just for laughs.  They didn’t care if Bit and Slass came back. They weren’t even really sure why they had bothered talking to them in the first place, but it was funny when it was happening.

“We aren’t supposed to cross the tracks.” Bit had said.

“We’ve done it plenty , into the shadows and out into the other side.” Said the oldest drake.

“How do we find our way back, though? What will we do if we get lost?” Slass asked.

“Just step back into the shadows, there is always a good shadow to bring you back.” Said another.

“These two look too scared, they won’t do it.” A third drake said.

“Scared of what?” Slass said faking bravery, but also honestly full of curiosity.

“Nightlights, Puppies, and the worst thing of all… cuddles.”

“What is a cuddle?” Bit asked joining in.

“A fiercely fuzzy beast with four legs, a sandpaper tongue, razor sharp teeth, and claws. It’s eyes glow in the darkness. it also purrs like the old history teacher when it’s angry.”  Said the oldest drake. Everyone flinched thinking of the terrifying teacher.

Finally, Bit and Slass slipped into an open door at the end of the hallway. The room was dimly lit by a little glowing bulb on the wall.  The floor was white and fuzzy, the walls pink as cotton candy, shelves and boxes filled with dolls, ponies, and other toys.

A little girl slept tucked gently tucked in under a pink blanket. Her hand was over a spotted orange creature with four legs, a tail, glowing green eyes, that was purring. Just as the drakes had described it.

“Look at how well trained the human is, to soothe the cuddle in her sleep.” Bit whispered. The two moved as one closer inch by inch. The nightlight flickered as they passed it, making them both flinch.

“It’s like my neighbor’s familiars, well with hair anyway. Why do you think they were afraid of a cuddle?” Slass whispered half laughing. Slass made a half whisper half whistle noise. The cuddle turned its head their way. It crawled over to the edge of the bed. Slass let the cuddle sniff her hand for a moment. The cuddle nudged her hand letting her pet it.

In no time at all both Slass and Bit were passing the cuddle back and forth, petting it. A clock down the hall chimed, telling them too much time had passed. The two shot rock, paper, bone-breaker to decide who would get to carry the cuddle home.

With the cuddle in Bits arms, the two stepped through the shadows. The not so scary beast licked at Bit as it mewed and purred. Soon enough they were stepping across the tracks to reunite with the drakes.

The drakes looked at the two for a moment cuddles in hand. Their jaws dropped, and they seemed to be sweating as their eyes started to grow wide. The drakes screamed and took off running away. The cuddle mewed and jumped from Bit’s arms. It made it’s way safely back home.

“They were afraid of that?” Bit said.

“Drakes will be Drakes.” Slass said. Both shrugged their shoulders and headed back to their tombs to haunt another night.


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