Writing Prompts for October 2016

Week 1:

A: A new flavor of pie has just hit the market and this craze is just as big as the cronut (croissant doughnut hybrid)… tell a story based around this new flavor of pie.

B: Use the words Takes, top, and backlash as your prompt

Week 2:

A: Underneath the child/ children’s costumes was something other than children…

B: Write a story based off of your lucky number. Now use your unlucky number…

Week 3:

A: Send your character out to pick apples.

B: Mummy, Swamp-thing or banshee? Pick one, write a non-horror story.

Week 4:

A: A sweet trick and a nasty treat,… go!

B: Create a new holiday that takes place every first Tuesday of the month.

Still looking, I do this prompt thing once a month. Sometimes I do special prompts as well.


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