Assassin Of Verona (Scene XII)

(Scenes I-XI)

Scene XII:
Outside Verona

Lord Montague stood in the same place that his son had once stood. One had been banished the other now was believed to be dead. Lady Capulet waited on horseback. She thought of her Nurse, now left as the head of the household. She knew the Nurse was more clever than any other she had ever know that is why they had been such good friends even in the toughest of times. Gabriello mounted his horse as the Assassin caught up. He had fallen behind to leave tracks in the wrong direction.

As they rode the sun rose, it caught hold of a few long blonde hairs that had escaped from the back of the Assassins Turkish Turban. Silvia, whose horse seemed to be the slowest, rode behind the Assassin. The Assassin’s child strung onto his back. The wind caught the blonde strands bringing their scent straight to Silvia’s nose.
“Such a sweet scent for a man to wear. I know it is not proper, but your baby’s eyes reminded me of my own daughters if only for a moment.”

The Assassin halted his horse turning it. Gabriello noticed turning to face the two others.
“What are we stopping for?” Gabriello said.
“There is more to this tale that neither of you know. The only reason I come along with the two of you is because now my home will be empty even if I could be honest about my past.”
“What past, what do you leave behind in Verona?” Silvia said.
“Much like both of you I leave my lover who has passed. I leave my home that has been all but disbanded. Most of all I leave it to join two people who hated each other as much as I thought I had learned to hate them. A year has passed.” The Assassin spoke slowly.
“It is time that the whole spool of thread unravels. My father was once afraid of his rival and his rival’s men sneaking up among the hallways of our house. My mother, whom I often spied upon with my Nurse should have known when she was secretly plotting to slice my lover’s life short, I was listening. My lips and mind created who I am today as a character in the wings. My father had taught me how to fake my own slaying. My lover however did not inform me of what was given to him if I should never wake.After all of the mourners left, I was alone.” The Assassin removed her turban. Her blonde hair fell upon her shoulders.

“Alas we have all moved on, my mother, my husband’s father, and my child. I am but Juliet as fair as the sun rising in the east. Our road now only lays before us, let us never look back.”
“Juliet.” Silvia Capulet said almost breathless.
“Who came to check my body? Who was in charge of putting us into our stone beds?”
“The Apothecary. He vowed that he needed to pay his own debt to our loss.”
“The Apothecary snuck me away, Friar Launce took me in. The Holy man gave me coin to move away and start a new life. What did I have left but the Assassin, then my child came. I never truly raised my blade towards any person. Albeit my Nurse was the first one besides myself that I would wound.”
Neither her mother nor her father in law could speak another word. The group rode for two days. All had been swept clean. All debts had been paid. Finally, the family united between Montague’s and Capulet’s could grow without tragedy as its only mark.


(I do hope you enjoyed reading my best efforts to respect the idea of Shakespeare. I know I enjoyed writing it and felt truly inspired to do so. I think being able to even scratch a little bit into one of the many worlds and lives that man created, or gave us new eyes into is a task akin to Don Quixote taking on the Windmills (Giants). Anyway, thank you dear readers again. Michael “Fynn” Lange putting my pen/ computer away on The Assassin of Verona. Until some big producer or movie company calls me up anyway…)


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