Winner of “Wacky Writing Contest”

The Second Annual Wacky Writing Prompt Scavenger Hunt” Winning Story


Final Prank, by Michael “Fynn” Lange

by Michael “Fynn” Lange

The floor was freshly wet. The school janitor had proudly
done his job, packed up his mop, and made his way home. He locked the school up
behind him. He did not know he was not the last person within the school’s
hallowed halls.

Dally James, the prankster of the junior class, had been sneaking from hiding place to hiding place for the last several hours, knowing the janitor’s schedule to a tee. First, she hid in underneath the stage in the auditorium.
Next had been the English Room 7A. She briefly occupied the teachers’ lounge
with a key she had swiped from a substitute earlier on in the year. She had as

She had as always left a clever trail behind herself. She was not a normal prankster. She
was the kind that got more than just those watching to laugh. Dally was so good
she could get even the prankee to a belly splitting chuckle. The drama kids
would receive two skeletons that she had borrowed from the science labs, with
signs that read “Siskel and Ebert” both with their thumbs up. Mrs. Bourro and
her homeroom English class would be highly entertained by replacement lenses in
Mrs. Bourro’s infamous reading glasses. The teachers would each be receiving a
letter about a retreat hosted by the superintendent himself to the teachers’
lounge itself in their school mailboxes. This would be her final prank of her

This would be her final prank of her junior year, it had to be a big one and it had to hit all the right marks. She had never been caught, not once, most of her victims did not want to catch her because they understood the need for the break in monotony.

Dally knew what she would have to do now. Her own ego would have to take a fall as her final prank so as to completely cover her own tracks one last time. She stood in front of her own locker smiling.

The next day everything went as planned, it came down to the final period. Students were streaming down the hallway. Dally stepped out of 8th-period Biology. She slowly strutted down the hall.

A voice came on over the loudspeaker.

“Hello students, I apologize for the interruption, Misses Dally James would please report to her locker immediately.”

She rushed into place. The principle and some other faculty had gathered there.

“Open it up young lady, there was a note from the prankster.” The principle said.

Dally entered her locker combo. Confetti, streamers, self-inflating balloons filled the air.

Everyone laughed, she winked at him and he knew she would be there to clean the whole thing up. Her mission was a success. She saw the janitor smiling behind the crowd. He had found her note, saying that she would help clean up afterward.

The End.
Thank you for picking me as a winner, Pamala Hodges. If anyone is wondering what I won.. I won some rubber gloves, which I am currently deciding if I should mount on a plaque of keep in a case of some sort.

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