Assassin of Verona (Scene X)

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Scene X:
Tomb of Romeo and Juliet

A ghost strolls the paths between the tombs. We do not see his face. He stays facing away from us since he knows the shame of death, and the fear the living have towards facing one like him.

“The Nurse had been discovered to still be alive. Being the only one left of either house, she had begged of Prince Escalus that Lord Montague’s and Lady Capulet’s bodies, be taken to their family plots immediately. She cried and wept about wanting this to all be put behind her. The Prince vowed for her wishes to be followed and that she, even though she had been but a servant, would be able to live her life out as if she had been Lady Capulet herself.” The Spirit said as he sat upon the resting place of two young lovers.

“I have watched all and know of all to come. To know the story of such sweet young ones, will go on into eternity. Beyond the lives of all who knew them.” The Spirit stood again. It made itself one with the strands of a willow tree moving its tangling hair without the winds assistance.

“Paris the Drunkard, as he would from now on be called, had made his way to where he knew Jonas Caziacco would be staying the night. He had told of the murder. He had raved of the final downfall of the families he had come to hate with vengeance. Then he had been banished from the Lord Caziacco’s sight. Threatened if he should ever come within sight of the lord again, he would be handled with violently. Lord Caziacco turned away from Paris with nothing left, not even a face to focus his rage at.” The spirit separated itself from the tree. It found its way to a crypt, made of stone so old the name above its doorway had worn off.

“If only men could learn from those before, Paris might not have faced his sad fate. A man like Jonas would turn away his own sister, drive his own brother-in-law to suicide, what would stop him from turning on a petulant teenager?” The door of the ancient crypt opened for the Spirit.

“A hooded figure had come with a cart. He had collected the bodies Montague and Capulet. No bodies, nor hooded figure arrived here at the tombs. No messenger had been sent to wake the crypt keeper. I shall not commit myself to the job. I only woke him once and swore to never do it again.” The spirit said, turning, walking on the edge of an empty grave as if it was a tight wire and he was a performer.

“For once within the graveyard, the moon is free of its cloud cover. No one lurks in the shadows, no secrets are to be whispered. No hidden loves joined. All is quiet as the night should be.” The spirit stopped. He stayed still, his head twisted, looking around at all he had known in his current existence.

“I have sat upon their slab, a rock slab placed over the place where Romeo and Juliet laid down their own lives. It had been put there by the Apothecary. The same one that had provided the drafts that had been used. He had taken to every detail. The families revisited the place the next night.” The Spirit walked to the entrance of the graveyard. He could not move its gate. He had tried many times.

“I can remember Silvia had been here in this place, every night for four months. She only wore black. She ran into Gabriello here. They formed a bond in silence. The bond up until her husband’s death had only been one of understanding what it feels like to know you were one that did not believe in love. There is no more story to be had within the land of the dead tonight. Too much has been told already.” The spirit returned to his crypt entrance where the door was still open.

“Now I shall have a rest. For it is needed that there be silence here.” The spirit proclaimed. It entered the crypt, the door closing behind it with no noise.

(Continue on to Scene XI: The Assassin’s Apartment)


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