Assassin of Verona (Scene IX)

(Previous scenes from Assassin of Verona.)

Scene IX:
Fountain of Verona

Upon the edge of the Fountain of Verona, still in their black clothes, Gabriello and Silvia sat. Silvia’s Nurse paced as if on the lookout. The Nurse had been told the Assassin would be coming. Both of their stabbings would take place as loudly as possible and she would be left to watch. They needed a witness that was all up to her.

A man arrived with two goblets, he wore all black with a Venetian mask. The masked man danced for a moment, little bits of froth spilling out of the two cups. The trio cheered. He placed the two cups down for Silvia and Gabriello, then he bobbled off into the night.

“Away with you, that nice man has brought us drink do your best to find us food as well.” Silvia said to the Nurse. The Nurse bowed her head and made her way.
“She does not know the whole scheme then?”
“Not in the least. It is for her own good. This way she will not be involved.”
“Will she not mourn you?”
“Better that than face jailing, death, or other fates. The Prince will find her. He knows, like us, the woes she has faced.” Gabriello said. Silvia and Gabriello held their gifted goblets high in a manner of good luck.

Paris stumbled out of a local tavern. He walked as if poisoned. Anyone that smelled him could tell he had been drinking wine by the bottle. His purple teeth were practically falling out of his head. His tongue blabbered on about nonsense things. His life had spiraled further down. He saw Lady Capulet standing there with Lord Montague.

The Nurse came to them, in each hand she held a loaf of bread. They two drank, gulping them down as if they had been full of the most refreshing wine. Both stopped. Their eyes grew wide, they held their necks unable to cough. They fell, first Gabriello, then Silvia.

“On my life! What drink was that Nurse?” Paris beckoned. Both Silvia and Lord Montague were convulsing in the soil. Their bodies ceased, still as bone.

“They have been poisoned! What more tragedy can come?” The nurse screamed.
Out of the shadows came the Assassin. He grabbed the Nurse trying to pull her from the scene. Paris had been joined by others from the tavern. Onlookers viewed from their windows being awakened in the darkness of the night.

“You have done right. Do not fear.” The Assassin whispered into the Nurse’s ear. Holding the Nurse close the Assassin left a non-fatal wound on the Nurse’s side. The Assassin made sure there would be plenty of blood. The Assassin allowed her body to gently drop upon the pavement. Blood pooled out of her. The Assassin vanished into the shadows.

“A hero has slain them! A hero and a villain all in one. He has done my task and beat me to it.” Paris said, turning to the crowd. “Damn Assassin! Blessed Angel! If only I had been there first!” He echoed until Prince Escalus had arrived at the fountain.

(Scene X: The Tomb of Romeo and Juliet)


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