September Writing Prompts from Fynn Fiction

(More prompts)


Week 1

A: Your character has a new job at a quirky bakery.

B: Use the words: Stunning, Spoon, and Should.


Week 2

A: What does the code name, or agency name “P.O.P.C.O.R.N” stand for?

B: Put your character (male or female it does not matter) into a neon green dress for a scene.


Week 3

A: Pick up your favorite work of literature, turn to a random page and use the seventh sentence on the page as a writing prompt.

B: Tattoos are now a requirement write about being forced to get one…



Week 4

A: Pecans, Pelicans, Potbelly, Packing. Create four characters each one has to do with one of these words.

B: Your character is now 13, and the opposite gender they are used to being but in the same situation.


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