Assassin of Verona (Scene VIII)

(Previous scenes from Assassin of Verona.)

Scene VIII:
Garden of Lady Silvia Capulet

Under her balcony, Silvia waited. She caressed a rose with her finger.

“You have no name to me anymore, no smell, and assuredly no beauty. Poor bush of weeds, what are roses, but thorns way of getting close to the skin? I hear another coming close, we are not finished here yet vile flowers.” Silvia grunted swatting the rose she had just caressed.

Over the garden wall came the Assassin.

“Lady Capulet.” The Assassin bowed deeply.

“Drop the Lady, I do not need it from you. Your bow is lacking in masculinity.”

“One of us lives beyond protective walls, where the lines of society become blurred between genders. I will never apologize for something my body has given me.”

“So be it. Let us say what needs to be said and be over with it the sooner the better.”

“Your murder is to be faked? You want it public. Where? When? By what means?”

“The scheme is set in my head and mine alone. The others involved will do as I say.”

“You do this as if you blame yourself for everything that has happened.”

“The Nurse has told you more than she should, what else do I expect?”

“She has only given me the message you sent, the story of your family spread itself without any secretive gossip needed. We all paused to mourn the two.”

“I withdraw my blame from my Nurses image then. It is all on me.”

“Enough of blame all I care for is my payment?”

“It will be provided after.”


“My Nurse knew not of my full plan.” Silvia leaned over and whispered her full plan to the Assassin.

“One hour from now, at the fountain in the middle of the city.”

The Assassin vanished into the night again. Silvia turned to the rose bush.

“You will stay here thorn bush. You show them all how much pain love of beauty can cause. You plague my garden like the one who was once called Rosaline. She came to me and stood before us both. She cried as if she had lost family. She cared not for Romeo, twas all a show, a true woman knows what is a farce, and what is real. She has run off to be a nun. I commit you to rot in this garden as she rots in the nunnery. ” She said to the rose bush and headed on her way.


(Our next scene awaits at the Fountain of Verona.)


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