Assassin of Verona (Scene VII)

(Previous scenes from Assassin of Verona.)

Scene VII:

Courtyard of Jonas Caiazzo

Two Months Before


Paris in a bit of stubbornness made his way on horseback for six days. Paris and his stead found the house of Jonas Caiazzo. He had been here before. Memories of not only him and Tybalt filled his mind, but of seeing Juliet from afar at parties. He had always been told to keep away from her that his time, would one day come. He hated that she had gone off with her own mind, and yet her own mind, her selfness was what he fell in love with so hard.

A servant announced his presence and he was made to wait within the courtyard. After a few moments, Lord Jonas Caiazzo came striding into the courtyard. The lord was furious at Paris’s presence.

“Paris of Verona, former suitor of the fair Juliet,” Paris said, bowing deeply about to dismount his horse.

“I know who you are. Paris what hath brought you here? You should not have come on this six-day journey. I will turn you back. Go. Leave me and my family. I accept no visitors from Verona any longer.”

“I bring you news of much-wanted revenge and rebellion.” Paris said as a few of the Lords men started to circle him.

“You have a fleeting moment of my ear. Speak or vanish. Be careful with your words. I am close with the Prince here, I can promise your imprisonment.”

“The Lord Capulet is weak of mind. His family and that of the Montagues’ is gossiped about, they are no longer trusted among the minds or pockets that matter in Verona. They can be done with if the right men begin to tug at the seams. They are the reason my love is dead. Your son as well, they are to blame. Is this enough to keep me in good company, good Lord?”

Paris bowed still upon his horse.

“Dismount. A foe of a foe is a friend of mine.” Lord Caiazzo summoned. The Lord’s men returned to their duties.

They two spent two days talking about a plot to foil their foes.

Both rode to Verona. There they spent the next two months turning all of Verona’s upper class against the houses of Montague and Capulet. The two families, Montague and Capulet, as we know, converged households. That was not the stop of the mess that Paris and Lord Caiazzo caused. All of the servants were released one by one, and eventually, Lord Ridolfo Capulet was driven insane. He sadly finished himself off in the same way his daughter had with a swift dagger to his heart. Yet still Lord Caiazzo, his family, and Paris attended the funeral in spite.


(The next scene takes place at the Garden of Silvia Capulet.)


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