Assassin of Verona (Scene VI)

(Catch up on the previous scenes from Assassin of Verona.)

Scene VI:

Dark Alley Verona


The Nurse had gone to where she had once heard the Assassin spent his time. He was the kind that hung around the worst parts of Verona. A place seedy and intoxicated, a maze of twisting, turning dead-ends and sneak throughs, with no proper names ever given to them. The midnight hour grew closer. The Nurse made her way under cover of a cloak in and out of taverns. At the end of a dead end alley, a figure waited in all black with a dark Turkish turban.

“Are you the one, the Assassin of Verona?”

“If I happen to be, who told you of my services? A young girl over a year ago now. Her own life was at risk. Her mother was going to have me seek you out to end her dear Romeos life. I almost came to find you then. Things moved too fast. Both were lost.”

“What was her name?”

“Juliet Capulet. The very one, the whole of Verona mourned for.”

“I know the tale.

“It sounds as if she outsmarted all of you, even if she did perish.”

“Do you, or do you not wish for me to murder?”

“They do not. They will fund the faking of their own assassination.”

“A higher cost will be drained from both of your pockets. I like blood.”

“My Lady will find the funds. Even if she has to run to Guernica and withdraw a loan.”

“What is the scheme?”

The Nurse leaned over to whisper the plan word for word as she had heard it from Silvia. If anyone in all of Verona none the less Italy at passing on exact details that had been overheard, it was the Nurse of the Capulets’.

“My lady asks you to meet her in her gardens as soon as you can make it there.”

“It shall be. Go, Nurse, I will be there in no time at all.” The nurse headed out. She looked over her shoulder back at the turbaned and cloaked Assassin. He was gone.


(What happens next at The Courtyard of Jonas Caiazzo)


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