Assassin of Verona (Scene V)

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Scene V:

Tomb of Romeo and Juliet


The moon hid behind light clouds. Silvia had kept on her mourning clothes. Her Nurse waited within arm’s reach.

“He is late. I will send you to find the Assassin.” Silvia said.

“On my own?” The Nurse responded, faking worry.

“After all the trouble now you are worried?”

“No, my Lady. Forgive me.”

“We both know I have no forgiveness left.” Silvia said to the Nurse. The Nurse went to exit the graveyard. She stopped at the gate.

“Will this be the last time we speak in private?”

“If all goes right, yes. All the time we had and we are left to our last moments just the two of us in a yard of death himself.”

“I have no need to hold my tongue any longer then. I shall do my best to honor thy name, as much yours as your daughters and your husbands. Like a sister you were. You saved me from the worst of lives. If it hadn’t been for you.” The Nurse said bluntly.

“Do not leave out the maid they had sent me with at first, the old bitter hag that would of simply died a month into my new life leaving me with nothing of my own.”

“I shall not forget your other nurse. I would have spent my life diddling for coin. I thank you ten million times dear Lady.”

“Never call me Lady again, drop it. You are a Capulet as much as I was, and a Lady when only curses could come off of my tongue.” Silvia said and bowed deeply to her Nurse. The Nurse whipped a tear from her cheek and left the graveyard. Silvia raised her head to the night sky, she did not wish to look down and read the names upon the stones at her feet.

“First the roses mock me now the queen moon hides its face. What next will it rain so that the only clothes I will bring with me will be left soaked? If it all goes wrong, maybe the rain will wash off the blood of the Assassin’s knife. He has the right to finish me. No one would know the better.” Silvia said up into the night sky. A twig snapped behind her. It was Gabriello

“Is it just my ears? Doth though speak to the moon? Yourself? I thought we were not going to die of this scheme?” Gabriello had come upon her from out from behind a few trees.

“If all goes right, we shall not perish. What were you hiding, lost, thinking other schemes?”

“I took the path as far around these grounds as I could.  The same ones my Romeo would have walked to come this way.”

“Have others seen you?”

“If they have they put it up to me going to mourn yet again.

“The same echoes for any who have seen me.”

“What do you have for us? What is the scheme to set in place?”

“My Nurse, most trusted person I have left has gone to fetch an Assassin. She has been sent knowing one plan. I have another.”

“How do I know your plan you tell me is the full one.”

“I will ponder on telling her of what is to truly come. You do not know if what I am about to whisper in your ear is my full plan. Do I know if you have your own waiting in the wings? No, nor do I want to know. If you are planning your own escape, death what be it, just have it at it. The less we all know the less that can get out to be ruined.”

“Tell me all you can, then. I have no one left to tell.” He grinned, knowing his son lay dead close by. Silvia told him of the plan she had told the Nurse, after words she told him further details. After the two understood each other, they made their way out of the graveyard. He headed one way while she went another. Each of the trio had their own tasks to accomplish.

( Click  here to find out what awaits the Nurse on the last mission given to her by her Lady?)


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