Assassin of Verona (Scene IV)

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Scene IV: Five Months Ago

Court Yard of Prince Escalus


Prince Escalus and Paris fence while an audience watches cheering for every touch no matter what side land it.

“One touch for me” Paris laughed.

“One is not a won bought good friend.”

“Who has won each and every duel we have ever had Prince Escalus?”

“Most is not all. I have won here and there good Paris.”

“Only if I allow you to, or if I am having a much required off day,” Paris said back as he parried.

“I wish to speak to you alone my fair Prince.”

“You are not subtle in the least. I respect that beyond so many other things. This had better be worth the early end to our competition.”

“I swear to you, you may win another time. I will make sure of it.”

“Leave us the fun is all done for today. I thank you all.” Prince Escalus said to the on watchers.

The two waited, as the courtyard emptied. Escalus caught his breath.

“Who taught you how to joust?”

“Tybalt, Prince of Cats.” Paris used the insult in such a loving manner he had come up with it, the Montague’s had overheard him mocking Tybalt one night upon the town. They used the name from then on out.“None that walks this earth do so as nimbly as he did.”

“Was he not courting Juliet himself?”

“Only to follow his father’s will. The two would have never married. Any moves he made were on my part. The two of us grew quite close over the years. If he had not been slain, he would be beating you here instead of me.”

“Enough of the dead. Let us focus on the living. What was it you wanted to discuss?”

The courtyard had cleared of all but the two of them.

“So be it, the living, it is. I shall be bold, I ask not for forgiveness for my boldness either. I have thought this over for months now.”

“Get on with it, I do have Prince like things to get to.”

“I wish for you to kill Lord Montague.”

“I will do no such thing. Their family has faced enough sorrow. If you ever speak of such a thing again, I will banish you from Verona. I will make it a goal to let the other Princes of Italy that you are a true villain so that you shall not be welcome in any household. Is this understood Paris?”

“They deserve it for driving my beautiful Juliet to her own suicide.”

“I have housed you, I have taken you in so that you can build your own life. How do you repay me?”

“I have built a career, I have made a house here. I have watched as the Caiazzo’s have come to ruin both houses. It is not enough.”

“You still ask for blood? Leave my sight, leave my house. Leave my city, never return unless you wish to be vilified beyond repair.” Prince Escalus demanded. Paris took off his gear. He looked as if he was a rebelling five-year-old who had been told no by its mother. He forced down his blade into the soil. Paris stormed away in a cloud of dust vanishing onto the city streets of Verona.


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