Fynn Fiction’s 8 Writing Prompts from August

Here we go drum roll please… (as the drums sound I do ask, if you do use one of my prompts to share the post you got it from. If you have a blog/ facebook/ stumbleupon other forms of social media  we can help each other out.)

(More prompts)

Week 1:

A-Create a story about your dream or nightmare wedding
B-Tell the story of a squirrel having to get through the dog park in order to get to where it needs to go

Week 2:

A-Use the word fastidiously
B-A dog walker ends up on one of his clients wills

Week 3:

A-Think of these words; bank, bright, lilac, and cut. Now think of one you associate with each word individually. With that word come up with another, use the second word for each of the original four as your prompt.
B-Write a story about a character that has more then one grave for some peculiar reason (Think Stonewall Jackson(if you don’t know what I am talking about google search Stonewall Jackson’s Arm.)

Week 4:

A-Us the words Sniff, wander, and money
B-Look through the local paper’s eulogies, pick a person. Either create their perfect afterlife, or the soul that might guide your person into the next life.


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