Assassin of Verona (Scene III)

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Scene III:

Lady Silvia Capulet’s Sitting Room


Upon her balcony, Silvia waited for her Nurse to return. Once her Nurse entered the room Silvia pounded.

“Are you alone Nurse?” Silvia asked.

“Of course, who else is left? We have joined houses with the lone Montague, all of the servants have been let lose besides me. Is there another you might expect, you are not delusional, are you?”

“Do not remind me of our losses, a good friend, nevertheless, my Nurse would never do such a thing to hurt me”

“I wish not to hurt you. As gone as you may be, you are mine to be gone with.”

“Bolt the doors, shutter the windows.” Silvia said after looking out of her balcony to make sure no one was waiting in the gardens.

“You remind me of your daughter when you act this way.”

“Where do you think she learned it all from? A flare for secrecy runs deep in the Caiazzo’s bloodline.”

“For knowing you as a Lady held high above others in status for so long I often forget you can think like a commoner.”

“No commoner has come upon a plan as dark as I have. I may not have the wealth and position I once held, I still hold my name no matter what lies beneath it.”

“You are like when we first met all over again.”

“Back when I was first coming upon Verona. We were much more like friends then. Two young women both going where neither had before. Our lives and fates set in stone beyond the threshold of the Capulet house.”

“We spoke once before, of a person whom you knew. A young man that could take away the issue of Romeo.”

“My lady, we swore we would never speak of such a thing again.”

“We also swore to never speak of where the pair of us met.”

“My lady you make me blush.”

“Do not fake a blush for my sake, and I will not fake one for you. I speak not of such a subject for the sake of murder.”

“Then what do you plan of an assassin?”

“He will…” Silvia whispered to the nurse. The nurse gasped, ooing and ahhing as Silvia explained her plan.

“How much time do I have to find the Assassin?”

“We will meet lord Montague at midnight, the Assassin will find us an hour later by the fountain I the center of Verona. It must be a public event.” Silvia said, crossing her arms. The Nurse stood there smiling as if she had come up with the whole idea. “What are you waiting for? Go!” Silvia demanded and the Nurse rushed on her way.


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