Assassin Of Verona (Scene II)

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Scene II: One Year Ago

House of Jonas Caiazzo


A messenger arrived on horseback in the courtyard of the Caiazzo’s. He was brought inside to the families dining hall. He had been one of their son’s closest friends and companion throughout boyhood. He did not weep a drop.

“I ride with tragic news Lord Caiazzo. Your son, Tybalt is dead.” He had left as soon as Tybalt had been slain. The messenger did not know of the other deaths to arise from the situation. Five days had now passed by. He stood before the entire household. His eyes were locked with Lord Jonas Caiazzo’s. He did not have the softness that his sister Silvia had. He held harsh features and a heart that only warmed for the family that remained within his household.

There was a strong silence within the hall. Lady Caiazzo dropped her head, refusing to let any tears fall. She knew her husband found it as a sign of weakness, even among family.

“His slain corpse will be following me. What shall I prepare your Lordship?” The messenger took to one knee.

“Prepare to mourn. When his body is here, tell me. Withdraw any men we have in the households of the Capulets’. Summon them to take what they can with them.”

“But of course, your Lordship.” The messenger bowed his head, stood and left the room.

“I will seek vengeance when the time is right.” Lord Caiazzo stated.

“Now is not that time. Wait for our son was taken and it will be owed to us.” Said Lady Caiazzo.

“Any person that comes from Verona will be turned away. That shall be law.” Lord Caiazzo said sternly.

His men bowed to him knowing his vileness and ever violent nature. Two days later Tybalt’s body arrived. A funeral was held in the closed off gardens of the house. He was laid to rest and a large Cyprus tree was planted in his honor.


(Make sure to cheek checking up for more of the story of Lady Capulet and Lord Montague.)



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