Harry Potter, Mahoutokoro House Ideas.

We have learned a little bit from Pottermore about, Mahoutokoro.

(I do not claim the rights or knowledge of the true mysteries that await us at Mahoutokoro. I do love J.K. Rowlings works and universe. I hope she does not mind my little delve into her world.)

I wanted to do my best to elaborate. So please join me as I fan fic… fynn fic…

All of the houses are united under the symbol of nature itself, there for they all share the color green to unite them.

In place of owls, foxes are usually used by the school as the mail couriers.

House of the Lotus- Lotus are mysterious, beautiful, quiet, and swift. In nature true beauty often lies in the most mysterious of places. The lotus blooms but once a year, and all around will stop to watch its beauty. A lotus’s quiet nature is often one of respect. They are quite clever, swift of mind, but also swift of heart. Their house creature is the Illustrious  Tiger. House colors are pink and green.  Started off as a small school among the tranquil ponds of southern Japan. Now their dorms are located in the heart of the school underneath the large water gardens and cherry blossom trees.

House of Bamboo- Much like in the wild  Bamboo is strong, unstoppable,  group thinkers, and  dense. You will never find a lone bamboo reed, if you try to cut one down it will just spring back up stronger and taller than ever. Although much like in nature Bamboo can be somewhat dense when it comes to new ideas, or thinking out of the box. Their house colors are tan and green. Their house creature is the Sturdy Ox. Their school was born in the rice patties of south Asia. Their dorms are located close to the quidditch pitch, which has been carved by hand into the side of the mountain.

House of White Pine- In nature the white pine is resilient, ancient, wise and independent. A White Pine’s long lasting will is a force of nature to be reckoned with. Do not try and test a White Pine, they will endure. However their independence can be a weakness,  one tree does not make a forest. House colors are white and green. Their house creature is the Enlightened Ram. Their school started in the mountains of Mongolia. Their dorms can be found all along the palaces tallest tower, each one has its own hidden entrance.

House of Plum- Nurturing , generous, shy, and calm. The juice of the Plum nurtures and nourishes young and old. A basket full of plums, is as bashful as the setting sun. Their sweet and calm nature is often given generously, that is if you can find your way in passed their shy attitude. House colors are purple and green. Their house creature is the Lucky Cricket. This school started  in the fertile orchards of Ancient China. The dorms of the Plum are located across from the herbology greenhouses within the trees along the forest of serenity. Their common space is other wise known as “the Harvest” which is a secondary dining hall, that has not been closed in over a hundred years.



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