Flight of Youth


(This is a bit of a reworked throw back. Originally I wrote this in high school, it won a school contest and was published in our schools literary magazine “Great Minds Dream Alike” in 2006.)

The last bell rings as the sun burns hot frying the yellow sardine cans that rush rumbling along the road. The ride seems to be the longest ever over this mountain that holds the youth of summer back. The bus doors open, teens smiling flood out. The chains seemed to release and the sin lets one boy’s heart take flight. Into the sky he goes, his mind soaring high. The clouds surround the summer sun with thoughts of rain. The boys knows at sixteen, this should not be the way. All the other teen boys walk, hands held to the perfectly matched girls.
He lands slowly on the blazing hot black pavement. He knows that something he has, they do not. However they have something he feels he needs, one little thing.
The sun strikes one other teen’s face, a blonde with eyes he’s seen so many times before.
A friend, they always told each other, but nothing more. His body glides one more time as the seconds slow as his friend grew near. His heart and mind filled with him, and nothing else. Then out of nowhere another hand grasped his friends. He fell, skidding onto the burning pavement. His eyes locking with his friends, both filled with disappointment. He wasn’t fast enough, not brave enough either.
His friend’s heart was taken by another, some girl with perfect everything.
The boy forgot how to fly as he watched his friend get used. Every time they cried he was there, never noticed as more than just a shoulder.
His friend never noticed as he grew older forgetting the love he felt as a boy. They became men, he grew for his friend, but he was never seen. Until his friend was laying dying, they looked into each other’s eyes, his friend was drained, bruised, almost gone. A tear formed on his friends cheek, rolling down falling. Much like the boy had done years ago.


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