Fynn Fiction’s 8 Writing Prompts from July

Before we get to the prompts please do remember if you use one of my prompts as a form of creation to comment me a link to the work, give me a “hey thanks” I would love to read your works. I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

(If you need them here are more prompts)

Week 1:
A- Use the words guitar, coat and the name Felicia in a short story.

B- Use a popular conspiracy theory as the basis of your story.

Week 2:

A- Create a story about an odd gift from an even stranger family member.

B- Use the words Upper-crust, stink, undeniable

Week 3:

A- Create a story about a phobia.

B- Twist a job/ occupation into a different view point, view a doctor from a child’s point of view, a mailman from a dogs, etc.

Week 4:

A- Take a common style (Noir, Western, Sci-fi, Fairy tale, etc) and have your styled character enjoy their most loved baked good.

B- Your character is turning into either a person of a different ethnicity, a used car salesperson, or a store mannequin.


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