Snippet from “And Christopher Robin”

(A story based off of the tales of A.A. Milne’s Winne The Pooh. Not sure if it will be a novel or stay a short story yet. I do know when I am writing it I am having a lot of fun playing with the sweet ideas that come from the original works.)

The two looked up as gray clouds took over the sky. In an instant rain poured down on them. The only safe place close was under a willow tree down by the old river. The two rushed down to it jumping in puddles as they went.
There they waited talking about anything and everything, until the sun had come through again.

Under the willow tree down by the river the two rested in the grass. Christopher and Helena had left their puddle soaked shoes behind to dry in the sun.

“Mama says if you close your eyes very tight that the little balls of colors you see are fairies.” Helena squeezed her eyes shut tight. Christopher did the same as he huffed a breath out not believing her what so ever. She waited a minute, opened one eye and saw he was trying so hard to see little balls of light with his eyes closed. What here Mama had really told her is her favorite time to kiss her Papa was when his eyes where closed and he wasn’t expecting it.

Helena snuck in and kissed him on the lips. The kiss was as fast as a bumblebee racing from flower to flower. Christopher’s eyes popped open right away, his cheeks bright red. Helena’s cheeks matched his now. The sun shone down on them through the leaves as they both breathed an inch away from each other at most.
She rested her head upon his chest and blew a bit of hair out of her own face.

“I am glad you moved here.” Helena sighed

“Me too. It is much easier here, with Winston and all.”

“Didn’t you tell me a few days ago that you had to help Winston make something today?”

“I did.” Christopher panicked and sat up half pushing Helena off of his chest. She was raising her head away from his chest already on her own though. He took off running. He turned his head back.

“See you soon?” He yelled.

“When?” She said laying her head on the soft grass.

“Two days from now, the swing on the old tree just outside the hundred acre wood?”

“I will see you then silly boy.” She waved him off.


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