Would you go?

What would you do when, one day an envelope arrives in your junk drawer, that you already understand is a bit different? It collects a lot of other peoples lost things…

(From Michael “Fynn” Lange’s “The B.U.F.F.A.L.O of Buffalo and the Junk Drawer John”)

Dear Owner of Buffalo Junk Drawer,

Welcome to the club. We do not know if you have lived with said junk drawer for decades or recently moved in. However we must contact you as well as a few others in our time of need. We are the Buffalo Underground Finders of Forgotten and Agreeably Lost Objects, a group of people much like yourself who live with cars, closets, purses, refrigerators, couches, and what have you. Where, as we are sure you have figured out by now, all the locally lost things go. We would love to meet with you to further discuss what we are currently seeking. If you do not wish to be a part of our organization that is understandable, however we do suggest you move. To be honest we can make sure a lot of useless things get sent almost directly your way. In three days we will be sending you a business card with our address.
Again welcome, and thank you.
From B.U.F.F.A.L.O


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